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Burnt Orange Ice Cream.

A mouth watering dessert from super chef Anton Edelmann.

2 litres whole milk
4 vanilla pods (split & scraped)
1 litre whipping cream
200grms caster sugar
600grms egg yolks
200grms caster sugar
200 grms trimoline
300grms caster sugar
200ml Grand Marnier
3 Tbsp Orange compound
200ml water

Boil the milk and vanilla pods. Separately boil the cream and sugar and then add to the milk . Whisk together the egg yolks with the second 200grms of caster sugar until smooth. Add half of the boiled milk and cream liquor to the eggs, whisk until smooth, then return to the pan with the remaining milk and cream mix.
Over a gentle heat, stir the mix until it coats the back of the spoon (85degrees C). Remove from the heat and pass through a chinois (a fine muslin sieve ). Whisk in the Trimoline and cool rapidly.
Dry caremelise the 300grms of sugar until very dark, almost burnt.
Remove from the heat and whilst stirring, drizzle in the Grand Marnier and return to the heat. Add the water and orange compound and reboil.
Allow the orange liquid to cool slightly and then whisk into the vanilla mix.
Churn in an ice cream machine, or blend well using a wooden spoon, pour into moulds and refrigerate until set.

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