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Seafood Risotto. Serves 8.

From Michael Caines.

400gr Scallops cut in half
400gr Red Mullet, filleted and cut into large pieces.
300gr Sea Bass, cut into large pieces.
100gr King Prawns
Parmesan, freshly grated.
Fresh dill, chopped.
Risotto Base Ingredients.
400gr Arborio risotto rice
100gr Onion, diced small
100gr Fennel, diced small
100gr Carrot, diced small
100ml Extra virgin olive oil
600ml Fish stock
600ml Water
1 clove of garlic, crushed
Pinch of saffron
Salt & pepper

In a flat bottomed pan, sweat the onions, fennel, carrot and garlic in the olive oil with a pinch of salt & pepper. Add the saffron and then the rice and seal well. Gradually add the hot fish stock, stirring continuously, and cook for 18 minutes, adding more water if the mixture becomes too dry.
Now add the pieces of scallops and prawn and continue to cook, stirring carefully. Once the fish is cooked, add the grated parmesan and chopped dill and stir in well. Pan fry the mullet and sea bass, skin side down in olive oil, serve the fish risotto in bowls and then garnish with pan fried fish.

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