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Preliminary Report from Moses, by Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

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Preliminary results from MOSES, by Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Initial results from the Midlands Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma Epidemiology Study, “MOSES” have bought up some surprising results.
Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma, cancer of the upper gullet is now found four times more commonly than it was twenty years ago. It is now the most common form of oesophageal cancer occurring 1.5 times more frequently than squamous carcinoma, cancer of the lower gullet.
It is mostly prevalent in middle aged to elderly white men. This type of cancer is rarely found in Afro-Caribbean or Asian men. It’s occurrence is four times more common in men than in women and there have been no recorded diagnosis of the disease amongst Asian women.
Over the last twenty years the median age of diagnosis has increased from 68 years old to 72 years old. Study results show that this disease affects taller people more often than others and obesity plays a part in its development. This may be because men tend to put weight on around the midriff “the beer belly” whereas women tend to gain weight around the hips, this may mean that pressure from the extra weight carried forces stomach acid into the gullet which causes an adverse reaction.
Men who have been treated for pancreatic cancer are statistically LESS likely to develop Oesophageal cancer, which leads to the suggestion that the hormone testosterone may play a part in the development.Social and economic differences in circumstance play no part in the development of the cancer.Smoking and alcohol do aggravate the disease, contrary to previous belief.
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