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What is the U.G.I. Upper G.I. Blues Support Group

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Ward West Picture
This is a photograph outside West Ward 2. From left to right they are Staff nurse Ciaran Baskerfield, UGI patient Heather Parker, UGI Trustee Barry Parker, Ward Manager Sister Sarah Richards, Brian Childs (Chairperson UGI), UGI supporter Lisa Grant, Wayne & Pat Bradburn son and wife of John Bradburn who was our groups first fundraising secretary, who has one of the beds dedicated to his memory and Terry Grant who is one of our major fundraising supporters.

Early in 2005 two health care professionals, Jo Harvey, a Gastrointestinal C.N.S. & Tina Davies, a Macmillan nurse who specialises in the care of upper Gastro-Intestinal cancer patients recognised the need for a patient & carer self help support group, and set about the difficult task of organising such.
By June of 2005 they had contacted a number of patients going through various stages of recovery and set a time and place for the first meeting. We met in the Beveridge Room of the Medical Education Centre at sandwell Hospital, and the idea to form a proper group with regular meetings was carried unanimously.
The name Upper G.I. Blues was adopted by the group, (it was going to be G.I. Blues but Elvis Presley got in first). We decided that the aims of the group would be to offer help and advice among ourselves and to new patients and soon found that we all suffered from similar non medical problems that weren't covered by clinicians, but were able to advise each other how we had got over them and to gain comfort in knowing that our problems & worries were not unique to ourselves.
We are now able to give help and advice on a range of problems. *To give reassurance over the fears that we all get after first diagnosis. *To reassure people over the effects of chemo & radio therapy. *To reassure people that some of our aches & pains are common to all, and how we overcome them. *to advise on diet and how to regain and keep up weight. We have a number of recipes especially provided to have a high calorie conent, provided by famous celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey & Antony Worrall-Thompson, devised specially for our group. * We can arrange access to a specialist Macmillan Benefits Officer, who will help to make sure that you receive all the financial government benefits that are due to you, if you have suffered a loss of earnings or now have extra needs.
We also realised the need to raise awareness of Upper Gastro-Intestinal Cancers, which few people seem to know exist until they come into contact with family or friends who are sufferers, and to help raise funds to help in the care of new and existing patients.
To do this we hold various fund raising events throughout the year. We have display stands with information leaflets and fund raising sales and games at all of the local parks shows. We hold a Duck Race on the spring Bank Holiday Weekend, a Family Fun Day on the first Saturday of the main school August holidays and a Xmas Fayre in December, where group members are asked to help if they can. These events help fund research and provide equipment for local Hospitals.

UGI support group beds

Ward West Picture
From the left CNS Jo Harvey, Caroline Wilkinson, Yvonne Howell, Sister Rose Butler, Malcolm Homer, Julie Hall and Macmillan CNS Tina davies at the presentation of the graseby syringe drivers.
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