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Foreword From Brian Childs. Founder member of Upper G.I. Blues

Upper G.I. Blues, a support group for upper gastro-intestinal cancer patients and their carers was formed in June of 2005 and I was privileged to become its first chairman. As a group we looked to be able to offer help and advice to new and existing patients based on our own experiences. What soon became evident was that we all suffered from a lack of appetite caused by the restrictions in our diet, and a lack of knowledge on how to improve the range of foods that we could manage to digest. We had been told that we would probably need to have our foods mashed or blended, to make them easier to swallow, but a diet of mashed and blended foods, when you have little idea of how best to cook soon becomes a diet of mush.
With the idea of trying to improve our diets I decided to write to the experts to see if the could suggest ways that we could improve our eating habits. This booklet is the result and includes recipes from the famous ( and not so famous ) people who have helped greatly to improve on our diets. I suggest that you include in your kitchen utensils the following items to help with some of these recipes, 1 an electric mixer/blender, 2 a balloon whisk, and 3, to help produce the perfect mashed veg, a potato ricer and where the recipe requires ingredients to be beaten, always use a Wooden Spoon. Teaspoon measurements are taken to be 5ml and Tablespoon measurements to be 15ml in all recipes.

Califlower and Potato Spice Soup fromAntony Worral-Thompson.

Caramelised Swede & Cardamom Soup from Gordon Ramsey.

Cauliflower & Mull Chedar Soup from Nick Nairn.

Paris Mushrooms bavarois from Michel Roux Jr.

Pumpkin & Cumin Soup from Anton Edelmann.

The Very Best Mushroom Soup from Mary Berry.

Mature Cheddar Souffles from Galston Blackiston.

Osso Bucco with Risotto from Tim Fordham.

Risotto Alle quaglie Risotto with Quail from Giorgio Locatelli.

Salmon & Smoked Haddock Fish cakes from Antony Worrall-Thompson.

Seafood Risotto from Michael Caines.

Vegatable Accompaniments Olive Oil Potato Puree from Anton Edelmann.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes from Nick Nairn.

Puree of Brussel Sprouts from Anton Edelmann.

Burnt Orange Ice Cream, a mouth watering dessert from Anton Edelmann.

Chocolate and Prune Terrine, with raspberry Sauce, our dessert course from the ever popular T.V. Chef Antony Worrall-Thompson.

Divine Lemon Cream Pots, a simple and delicous dessert from the kitchen of Mary Berry.

Half Cooked Chocolate Cake from Phil Vickery.

My Mom's Impossible Pie, probably not famous in anyone else's eyes, but my mother was always a celebrity to me, and this was one of her favourite recipes.

Panacotta with Lavender, another speciality from Anton Eldermann.

John Diamond's Milkshake from Nigella Lawson.

Ashkenazi Rice Pudding from Reiz Kugel.

NEW! Smooties and Shakes Recipes for delicious Smoothies & Shakes to help maintain your weight.
All recipes serve 4

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